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Fred Books

KOOP FM Interview: Fred Books
Behind the Scenes: Postcards from Fred
Behind the Scenes: Vernon Crowley
Behind the Scenes: The story behind the postcards
Living with Fred and exploding eggs
Current pastor in Fred reviews Welcome to Fred
Dear Mr. Whittington
Playlist: Welcome to Fred
Playlist: Postcards from Fred
Book Club Discussion Questions: Welcome to Fred
Book Club Discussion Questions: Living with Fred

Fletcher Books

KOOP FM Interview: The Reluctant Saint
Behind the Scenes: Location Scouting The Reluctant Saint
– Santa Fe: Day 1Day 2Day 3
– Portland: Day 1Day 2Day 3
Straight from the Heart
Feint Claymore Bombshell Crux
The Defenestrated Zombie
Book Release: Reading from Chapter Eleven of The Reluctant Saint
Deleted Scene from Endless Vacation: Uncle Rex Gets the News

Jake and Berf Books

KOOP FM Interview: Strange Vacation
KOOP FM Interview: Open Season
The Open Season Reading Test
Behind the Scenes: Discarded opening for Open Season

Muffin Man

KOOP FM Interview: Muffin Man
Behind the Scenes: Location scouting

Other Stuffs

The Writer’s League Interview

Wunderfool Music
Interview: Flurries of Words
KOOP FM Interview: 25 Ideas
KOOP FM Interview: Indie Publishing
Blog: My 24 hours with a coral snake
Interview: Excerpts from a derailed interview
Book Lethality Classification System