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A reader who gets it, except for . . .

I have sometimes described the Fred books as a seduction of language, you get swept up in the writing, but when you get to the end, you realize that nothing much really happened.

Imagine how gratified I was when I read this review¬†of Welcome to Fred on Amazon by J. Bitney. Here’s an excerpt:

“I cannot really “get into” a book which has such a light plot and then does not really resolve in any way. I would have given it a “3”, but anyone who can write as beautifully as the author deserves better than that. I kept reading just because I enjoyed the author’s way with words and the clever turns of phrase, but what I kept waiting for did not occur; nothing happened.”

Of course, there really is a plot, however evanescent, and a resolution, however vestigial, but I think J captured the essence of what I set out to do in the Fred books.

I say that she gets it “except for” because if a story captivates you, there’s no need to ding it because it’s not plot-heavy.

Of course, if you insist on a more plot-forward story, you can always check out my other books, which bring more plot to the table while retaining the style.