Shaking It Up: Part 19

Still writing. Up to 5,000+ words and chomping at the bit. Despite my misgivings at the beginning of this project, I’m beginning to think I might be able to pull it off. Don’t tell anyone. But I did rediscover one thing. I really love to write fiction, even when I don’t know what I’m doing.

Like any other mortal, I approach the blank page with trepidation. Can I do it again? Do I still have what it takes? Turns out, there’s only one way to find out. Will you let your doubts defeat you, or will you step up to the challenge, look that scary pitcher right in the eye, and dare him to do his worst?

Here’s the secret: Do it. Just sit down and do it. If you write crap, so what? Do it again, study on it, learn the craft, and do it again. That’s what I did for 20 years before I got published All you have to lose is your time, and how would you spend it otherwise? Baking bread? Gardening? Watching Netflix?

If that’s good enough for you, if there is no voice, no unquenchable fire compelling you to write, then find the thing you must do, and do it.

As I mentioned before, I realized I have enough infrastructure to write a 25-page submission for my critique group., a document I must submit on Aug 23. They’re a tough bunch, but kind and fair. Over the past ten years I have come to believe that the critiques they provide are worth the cost of the tuition for an MFA degree.

In fact, here’s a crazy offer. After my critique on Sep 13, I will send a copy of my submission and my notes from my critique to anyone who asks.

In addition to writing, I also interviewed Mike Hilbelink at Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center, a cool dude and a connection I scored via The Good Daughter., who is the volunteer coordinator at SHNC She has also scored contacts with a Buddhist monk and an APD policeman, who I will be contacting soon. So far she is winning in the technical adviser contact game.