Postcards From Fred


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EVER WONDER What Would Jesus Do? ON A DATE?

It’s been a bad weekend. Mark Cloud’s dreams of romantic bliss have been cruelly obliterated, and his friendship with the local moonshiner has drawn unwelcome attention from the local Pharisee, Deacon Fry.

Then two girls enter his life: one a lovely and sold-out-for-Jesus preacher’s kid who just might be The One for him, the other a prodigal wild-child who just might give Deacon Fry the ammunition he needs to rid himself of this troublesome pastor and his vexing family.

Mark’s romantic aspirations and his vow to fly under the church-politics radar crash into his vow to live his life asking the seductive but inconvenient question: What Would Jesus Do? His response will determine not only his dating life but possibly the future of his father’s career.

After a seven-year hiatus, Brad Whittington picks up the award-winning story of Mark Cloud in the middle of where it left off.


Publication order: Welcome to Fred, Living with Fred, Escape from Fred, Postcards from Fred