Catching Up

I finally got my quota of screenplays read for the Austin Film Festival, earning a Producer’s Badge. Last year it got me into a party where I chatted with Danny Boyle of Slumdog Millionaire fame for 10 minutes or so. (Yes, that’s me shamelessly name-dropping.)

And I got my own screenplay finished (the 6th draft, at least, who knows how many more I’ll do) and submitted to the competition. And I’ve finished reading two books. (Reviews coming in due time.)

But I have to tell you where I was last night. I had a chance to chat with Roy Blount, Jr. at a Writer’s League of Texas fundraiser. (Yes, that’s me shamelessly name-dropping again!) They were taping Wait, wait . . . don’t tell me in the Bass Auditorium and his sister is on the Writer’s League board, so I guess it made sense for him to do a little talk and book signing as a fundraiser for the WLT while he was in town. He’s authored 20+ books and is the president of the Authors Guild, pioneering the settlement with Google, which, as part of its scheme of global domination, has been practicing wholesale scanning of books for the past decade or so.

I got there a bit early, having stopped by Habana House to pick up my free monthly cigar. I loaded up on refreshments and stood alone at a white-table-cloth-covered bistro table. The next thing I knew, I was joined by Roy and Susan. We chatted a bit.

Mary Gordon Spence kicked things off with a very long and hilarious introduction and Mr. Blount (as his close friends like me call him) followed with even more hilarious set of stories, interspersed with information and analysis of the Google settlement, which I signed onto and thanked him for pushing through.

Overall, the evening rocked. And I now have another book in the To Be Read shelf.