Shaking it up: Part 21

Welcome back. I’m ecstatic to say that, two renovations later, I’m off the hiatus and back behind the pen. I picked up where I left off.

Step one was to pick all the good parts from the critique I got a year ago and do a revision of those 25 pages. Then I submitted the short story, The Icebox, to a bunch of literary journals and got rejections all around. Then I submitted the first eight pages of the novel to the Writer’s League of Texas manuscript contest. I didn’t expect to win anything, and I didn’t win anything, so that worked out. My purpose was to get the critique. After a month or so I got the critique and did a revision of the first eight pages of the novel. And now, finally, I’m back in the saddle.

As I worked through the revision, I figured out that I needed a few more scenes to keep my plot from going in a straight line. My current goals are to get enough content from two submissions to the critique group, and then get back to outlining.

We’re building this plane while we fly it!