7 thoughts on “Muffin Man Cover Art”

  1. Love the concept of B, but: 1) in thumbnail sizes the details of the windshield frame/dashboard with the muffin/badge is lost and the viewer will be confused; 2) it isn't clear that this car is a Mustang. To fit with the story, a view through John's truck window, muffin and badge on the dashboard, with the Mustang visible head-on would visually capture the story better.

  2. I agree with Tosh- B is the better concept and there is room for tweaking- the muffin in B needs to be resized or something-it looks fake-ish. Also, a view through the window is an excellent idea-though I rather like seeing the badge, brown bag and muffin(+crumbs?)spilled out on seat as opposed to dash…regardless, good work Ms. Cobb!…definitely outshines that ARC the author made! (oh wait, can he see this?)

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