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Who Should Subscribe

  • Readers who like Brad Whittington books and want to know when a new one is coming out.

What You Get

  • An email when something new is happening.
  • Links to sneak peeks of new novels before they are released.
  • Freebies not available to the masses.
  • The chance to get a free review copy of new ebooks. (FYI, asking for a review copy commits you to actually posting a review on Amazon. Be advised.)
  • Other occasional cool stuff.
You never know what I might decide to do for the BradNotes gang. For example, when I decided to write a whole new kind of book (Open Season), I gave BradNotes subscribers the chance to read the fourth draft (unedited) to give me feedback on if it was the kind of story they would like to see more of. Kinda cool if you like that kind of thing, right?

Or the time when I returned to Fred, Texas after over a decade and gave BradNotes subscribers a chance to get an actual postcard snail-mailed to them from Fred to celebrate the release of Postcards from Fred. It’s a beautiful thing.

What You Wont Get

  • Spam. I don’t share my email list with anyone. Ever. Period.
  • A lot of emails. I only send out a newsletter when there’s something new with my writing. In 2013, I released 2 books and sent out 7 emails total. It’s about the books.
  • Chatty stories about what’s going on in my life or pictures of my vacation or my dog or what not. (That’s what the Twitter/Facebook page is for.) You already have plenty of friends. You don’t need me pretending like we’re new besties via email. It’s about the books.
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